Midwest Clinic Recap

The Louisville Concert Band performance at the 67th Midwest Clinic was a special experience for audience and performers alike. Remarkable music making by terrific musicians along with wonderful guest conductors and a brilliant soloist made the concert itself magical and the entire event rich in memories. In the days that followed, many who heard the concert forwarded their appreciation. Here are excerpts from just two of the notes that came in after the performance:

…absolutely unblemished in your performance; all those things, blend, balance, pitch, transparency, etc…really knocked out with your band. Thanks for such a wonderful concert…

Wow and Wow!…Spirited, clean, fun and personal, what a great band!

Finally, from composer Frank Ticheli:

Thank you for inviting me to conduct my Korean Folksongs from Jeju Island with you at the Midwest Clinic this past December. Your performance was absolutely terrific… I appreciate very much the passion and talent you brought to the work. You were just superb!

An unexpected bonus was finding out that Wind & Rhythm — “the world’s most listened to wind band radio program” — chose to air our performance of Ticheli’s Korean Folksongs from Jeju Island. The broadcasts took place from January 16-19, 2014, but the program can still be accessed at www.windandrhythm.com under “past episodes.”

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